Client Reviews

Great service and location. I do not have the time to travel after work into the city to get my injections (botox, etc) so I was excited to see these services offered by an experienced professional on the jersey side of the river. The doctor is not arrogant like most you can see in this business and his assistants are friendly and put you at ease. I recommend this place, and priced better than ny.
Product or Service – 48/50 Customer Service – 48/50

I went for the Radiesse treatment to fill in some wrinkles and it makes a big difference – in just a few minutes it was done with no pain! And they say it lasts for a year which is great – don’t think twice about it – great hands and staff Product or Service – 50/50 Customer Service – 50/50

Does great job giving your lips excellent definition and a very natural look – I am VERY happy with his work.
Product or Service – 47/50 Customer Service – 47/50

dr khan and his assistant natalia make a great team – excellent doc with great customer service and knowledge- i was going to NYC for treatments, but now no more – they are right next to the path and have evening hours so I go after work on the way home – i had intense pulse light fotofacial which reversed the spots on my face from sun damage and i am now thinking about doing fraxel to give my skin a lift and tightening – what a difference Product or Service – 48/50 Customer Service – 47/50

I am a cosmetic junkie and have seen them all – Dr. Khan is wonderful and good – he takes the time to tell you what you need and is not pushy – he will not recommend something if it will not make a difference – and I have done everything with him now from Botox to Fraxel skin tightening- I have easily taken 5 to 10 years off my face – cheekbones, lips all done and it has made a difference in my life – great bedside manner and well worth it. You will pay for quality, but don’t make the mistake I did years ago – these treatments are not something you want to bargain hunt with – it is your body afterall and I have had some major complications with less experience docs- hope it helps Product or Service – 49/50 Customer Service – 48/50

I had Botox to my forehead and Restalane injected into my lips. I am very satisfied – I did not want a plastered look and the doc was able to accommodate this, and the lips turned out great – the good thing about the lip treatment also is that I want a natural look so he injected it perfectly; they saw me back for a 2 week follow up and everything looked fine – great customer service too Product or Service – 48/50 Customer Service – 49/50

I went in for the laser hair removal which i had previously done in NYC with not-so-great results- I am now on my third treatment here and I have to say it really does work at this place – I was a bit skeptical because of my prior results in NY. I have about a 70% reduction of my hair (lip and chin) and the machine is great – I am going to do underarms and bikini next – great place.

Great, personalized customer service in a friendly, no pressure atmosphere. Good menu of services and an experienced doc… Product or Service – 49/50 Customer Service – 49/50